Lapdancers laid bare

In one entry on a particular Doctor's blog, published recently, the lack of knowledge - by which we mean deep, scientific analysis knowledge - of the shady world of lapdancing is bemoaned. But the question we have to ask ourselves is why? Why has no-one ventured into this mirky underworld of boobs, boots and big wads of cash stuff into G-strings? Maybe because the results are both surprising and indicate that whilst lapdancing and the like can be empowering for some women, as well as challenging to the accepted view of women being forced to work in what is generally considered to be demeaning work.

The research, conducted by Drs Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy, and commented on by Dr. Petra Boynton in her blog, underlines the shocking truth that the industry of sex-dancing actually grew to accommodate demand from young women who wanted to sign up to a job that involved both physical fitness and fun:

Key findings included the following:

'Most women felt safe at work, although nearly half reported frequent verbal harassment and unwanted touching from customers.'

'Only a minority of women were solely dancing, most combined dancing with other work and education.'

'Dancing was used as a strategy to enable and facilitate career prospects and security in the future.'

According to Dr. Boynton, the News of the World had become involved in sparking the debate around the need for such investigation into lapdancing employment, and remarkably, the evidence discovered can not only better educate those who assume lapdancers are penniless girls off the street but also inform as to how employment laws regarding self-employed 'artists' can be improved to provide complete statutory rights.

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