New showgirls a go-go for Silvio

You’d think that with all the controversy surrounding 74-year-old Silvio Berlusconi he’d have the sense to keep a low profile for a while – as least as far as his profligate sexual life is concerned.

But the Italian Prime Minister just can’t get enough. Yesterday, video footage emerged of scantily clad showgirls on their way to the Berlusconi den of iniquity.

The footage showed Flo Marincea, 26, and Lisandra Silva, 22, at the offices of Lele Mora, the agent friend of Berlusconi who’s being investigated for providing the beleagured prime minister with call girls.

After being spotted, they were driven to Berlusconi’s mansion retreat. Perhaps they were going to view his ‘superman’ statue? We can only guess.

The Italian premier is being investigated by security chiefs over claims he hosted sex and drugs parties, and he has also been accused of abusing his authority by getting a teenage belly-dancer off the hook with the cops.

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