New condom measures size of manhood

Are you sick of meeting guys who tell you that they've got a whopper only to find out that they've got a tiddler? Well help is now literally at hand with the release of the condometric.

The new prophylactic from Curiosite features both metric and imperial scales along its side so there can be no doubt about just how well or not so well-endowed your man actually is.

Metro reports that the condom, which can handle 9.8 inches and is available in both cherry and banana flavours, will go on sale in January. The news, however, has not gone down well with a lot of blokes.

One unhappy punter reacted angrily on the manufacturer's website: "Who the hell came up this damned thing? My girlfriend and some of her friends were testing out Curiosite's Condometric prototype and they met up one day to compare results. This isn't funny."

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