Mother knows best

Back in the fifties and sixties in Britain, it might not have been uncommon for young ladies of an impressionable age to be chaperoned on dates, and escorted to events by a family member, maybe an older brother or her father. Such was the danger to the fragile balance of social propriety of a young girl (read 'impressionable, confused victim) being exposed to unwanted advances (read: young men with too many hormones.) How could parents prevent their daughters becoming wayward without supervision?

Those parents might have benefited from kitting their daughters out with today's latest range of clothing and underwear which features slogans such as 'What would your mother do?', 'Zip it' and 'Not tonight', we discover on The Smoking Jacket website. Such strong reminders of your prospective sex-partners parentage would have been enough to soften even the strongest of ... male intentions.

The company that creates the clothes has more: 'We know you’ll make wise choices (after all, you were raised by wonderful moms!). We just want to provide you with cute reminders to help you make an impression – somewhat discreetly. So, go ahead – make a statement. Because it’s always the right time to be a little more nice, a bit less naughty and a whole lot playful!

There's being playful and then there's being a social leper when you're forced to wear these less-than-trendy garments day in, day out as a form of a modern-day chastity belt. Although, these might go well with a nun's habit or full-length burka?

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