New Barbie plays into the hands of sex offenders

In attempt to bring Barbie into the digital age, makers Mattel are launching a new doll featuring a hidden camera, which is already causing hysterics among child protection experts and paedophilia paranoiacs.

Barbie’s seen more makeovers than Madonna and Kylie combined, and Mattel seem ever more determined to find new ways of marketing and revamping the doll. The Barbie Video Girl includes a tiny recording device in the toy's necklace. You can view video footage on a screen on the doll's back, edit it on computer and share it with the world on websites such as YouTube.

Doll manufacturers Mattel say that the doll, which costs £59.99, is suitable for kids aged six and up.

Shy Keenan, of the Phoenix Chief Advocates, is outraged at the doll, saying: 'What are Mattel thinking of? This is a gift to paedophiles.

‘Children young enough to play with Barbies have no concept of how dangerous this could be.’

A spokesperson from the NSPCC said: ‘There is a danger that images could be misused by sex offenders.’

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