A superhero's best weapon isn't his or her sidekick or weapon of choice but the costume that they wear, able to repel bullets, protect against knives and fists and survive extreme temperatures and conditions. Oh, and for acting like an all-over-body gymnastic suit because, you know, superheros and heroines actually have to do alot of running. Unless they have the Batmobile.

For the latest take on the classic camp superhero show 'Wonder Woman', twenty-seven year old US actress Adrianne Palicki is taking on the role of DC's Amazonian princess, sporting a revamped version of the stars and stripes outfit that Lynda Carter made famous in the seventies, the Daily Mail reveals. However, the only problem with this latest version, aside from looking a little like a Mardi Gras drag-queen's PVC costume of choice, is that it barely manages to contain its wearer's breasts.

'The 27-year-old was spotted on several occasions almost bursting out of her tight-fitting outfit as filming continued in Los Angeles this week. And she had to hoist her top upwards to prevent a 'wardrobe malfunction' occurring with her red and gold corset.'

'Palicki's costume issues came to light shortly after the first pictures were released from the set of the show in Los Angeles.'

Maybe the show's creators can come up with a reason why the star of the show suddenly starts wearing a shell-suit half way through the series? After all, to be a successful superhero/heroine, you kind of need to keep up with your speedier arch-villains...

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