Neo nazi to lecture gay students

In the history of 'not-so-great ideas', the decision by the State University of New York College (SUNY) to allow a neo-nazi to speak to hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students might soon become a prime example of the road to Hell being paved with good, rainbow-coloured intentions. However, as undergraduates at the college in Cortland, USA, will soon find out, hate and discrimination can be overcome - of this, ex Neo-Nazi Tom 'T.J.' Leyden is a living example.

Leyden, a former white supremicist and active recruiter to the cause of racial, religious and sexual orientation-based discrimination and animosity, spent 15 years protesting against equal rights before seeing the error of his ways:

'After leaving the racist movement, he worked for five years for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre teaching on the culture of hate and the importance in fighting back against it and has spoken at White House conferences on hate for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama'.

The swastika-tattooed father will talking to both students and the general public next Thursday at the seminar.

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