Naughty Miss Green

‘You’ve been a naughty boy!’ has a very different meaning in Stockport Grammar, Greater Manchester, since an English teacher at the school was spotted in a rather steamy video.

Sarah Green, who teaches at the £7500-a-year grammar school, starred in a sexy advert for Scruffs Hardware supplying hard hats, steel-toe-capped boots and other such equipment. In the ad, Sarah’s character seduces a construction worker and simulates sex over the desk.

Parents and teachers are outraged and want to have her fired! Sarah’s part was perhaps the least raunchy in the film spot, cutting off before things got past the PG mark. As for the other girls, there was flashing the likes of which Britney Spears would be proud of, and even some simulated oral sex, albeit very well hidden with a strategically placed scaffolding pole.

As for her being given the sack. We might like to point out to all those complaining parents - it’s acting. It’s not real. You know, make believe. Just don’t let Sarah direct the next school production of Romeo and Juliet…

(Image: from vsqz’s flickr stream)

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