National Masturbation Month

Schoolboys the world over, despite maybe having learnt that spending hours locked away in the bathroom can make you go blind, are no doubt overjoyed at the news that this month is National Masturbation Month.

Global sex websites are advocating getting to know yourself quite intimately over the course of May 2011 as science experts have proven that regular masturbation can actually result in serious health benefits, My Pleasure reveals. For example, teenagers with enough hormones to keep several fertility clinics open for most of the year, can enjoy sex without the fear of contracting STDs or HIV.

Other benefits include:

'Better mood. Endorphins are released when we masturbate just like when we have sex. We feel better from our 'endorphin high.''

'Reduced risk of prostate cancer and infections. Men who masturbate regularly have been shown to have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. The theory that 'cleaning out the pipes' on a regular basis helps keep the prostate healthy.'

'Keeping the genitals in shape. Women who masturbate regularly are helping to keep their vaginal muscles toned. This is especially important as we age and the vaginal area becomes less supple. It also helps reduce pain with intercourse and vaginal dryness.'

So there we go: enjoy your private time this month but just remember that other people may need to use the bathroom in your house occasionally too!

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