A little privacy please!

Natalie Portman. Not your average Hollywood, glamorous actress but secretly a brainaic with a Harvard degree in Law, trapped within the stunning body a young thespian who could double as a Bolshoi ballerina. Which in her latest film, Black Swan, she nearly did, except for needing a dance stunt-double due to being quite pregnant. When it came to the fairly explicit sex scene in the movie, we're thinking Natalie would have prefered that someone else step into the brink.

Speaking about the intimacy that was required to charm the socks of swan queen rival, Mila Kunis, Portman chides any actor or actress who claims not to be put off their stride by a room full of techies, camera equipment and extras, Monsters and Critics tells us.

''It's super awkward,' she said.'Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest...or they're a little off.''

Portman, who has recently been on the receiving end of national criticism spear-handed by one particular American Government official, due to having a baby out of wed-lock, also talked candidly about women's realistic expectations towards sex in the 21st century:

'I certainly have friends who could deal with [having one-night stands] and others who could not. It's something I've seen in high-achieving women - they compartmentalize. You've got your work, your friends, your exercise, and your sex. You can tick off those boxes.'

Portman has certainly shown women of all backgrounds exactly what kind of boxes anyone can tick off when they become Hollywood 'Greats', although women might be used to a lot less attention in the bedroom from people other than their partner.

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