Naked sleepwalker is €10m richer

A businessman has been awarded €10m for something he did - or didn’t do - in his sleep.

Irishman Donal Kinsella, 67, from Dunleer in County Louth, sued his employers, Kenmare Resources, after they issued a press release that, he claimed, suggested he had made improper advances to a female colleague while away on business in Mozambique in 2007.

Kinsella took legal action after a July 2007 press release said the board of the company was seeking Kinsella's resignation after ‘an incident’ near the Moma titanium mineral mines in Mozambique. It was claimed he sleepwalked naked to the room of the firm's secretary, Deirdre Corcoran.

The former company director claimed he had become an ‘international laughing stock’ over the allegations. The jury heard that Kinsella was a regular somnambulist. He had also been drinking and taking painkillers.

Outside the court on Wednesday, Kinsella said he felt ‘exhilarated and vindicated’ by the court’s decision. The company is expected to appeal against the verdict and the record pay-out, which is over five times greater than the previous record amount granted in an Irish libel case.

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