Naked cow-boyTM

Next time you feel the exhibitionist need to strip down to your birthday suit and busk for a few measley coppers outside your local town-hall, be careful: somewhere, in New York, a legal precedent is being set regarding nudity.

Unhappy with the attention and success that former stripper Sandy Kane (real name Sandra Brodsky) is enjoying from performing as a naked cow-girl in New York, Robert Burke, otherwise known as the original naked Cow-boy has insisted the brave lass is abusing his trademark. Despite donning a festive, and one would think non-copyright, red, white and blue cow-boy hat and bikini, angry Burke wants a cut of her profits, as 'most of his licensed franchisees are required to pay $5,000 a year or $500 a month, and must go through a screening process, the Metro reports. We would love to know what that screening process actually involves.

Despite having made a fair sum of money in the nude, Burke seems pretty unrelenting in his tirade against Kane. Hasn't anyone thought that a duet around a campfire in Times Square would be great for publicity? As long as your bits don't get too close to the fire that is - chargrilled weiner anyone?

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