Naked Climbing : new way to pass the time

So we've had cycling in the buff. And straddling the Paris metro in the buff. Well, now someone's come up with a new way to pass the time with no clothes on - and it's called naked climbing.

US based photographer Dean Fidelman has made a calendar called 'Stone Nudes 2009' which features black and white photos of perfectly sculpted women scaling rock faces in the nip. The photos are intended to "inspire and celebrate" the human form - although there's scant emphasis on the generic human, more on the photogenic female.

"This kind of climbing is the sport at its purest" says Fidelman, who spent ten long years and snapped thousands of naked ladies while putting the calendar together. The good news for naked enthusiasts? It's easy, it's free, and if anything's going to boost adrenaline, the total lack of safety equipment and mere thought of being skewered naked on a rock face below would do it. "It requires no equipment....which means climbers of all abilities can take part." So kegs off and up the nearest rockface. But only if you're blonde and perfectly proportioned, the 'sport' has standards you know!

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