My man makes me itch...

A small percentage of women all over the world are suffering from a rather unusual allergy – their partners. Well, his semen to be specific. An estimated 5% of women are allergic to proteins in their significant other’s semen, resulting in a number of symptoms ranging from itching and hives to a burning sensation. Certainly gives a new meaning to ‘hot sex’. (Ouch!) 

The condition often goes undiagnosed as it is confused with other ailments such as recurrent yeast infections and herpes. Luckily a cure does look to be in sight. Says Dr Jonathan Bernstein, an associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine: “We treat semen allergy by desensitising women to their sexual partner’s semen with injections similar to regular allergy shots.” 

Researchers have shown a 95% success rate with this treatment, but the most successful and perhaps easiest way is to use a condom to stop any contact with the semen. Normal antihistamines, like hayfever medications don’t work here either. Let’s face it, it’s more than just a sneeze you’re dealing with.

So if you ever complain that your man isn’t up to scratch…just think, at least he doesn’t make you itch.

(Image: from Sheffield star’s flickr stream)

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