Mums are hot erotic property

The term MILF (as in “Mums I’d like to… you know…”) first entered the mainstream consciousness thanks to the film American Pie. Gradually – along with its kissing cousin the “yummy mummy” – it’s become a staple of popular culture, taking in everyone from Nigella to Sadie Frost to Rachel “Stacey’s Mom” Hunter.

The MILF thing is all about young lads lusting after their mate’s mums, and plugs into the classic erotic fantasy of an older lover teaching a young dog new tricks.

And now – evidence that the phenomenon runs deep in our sexual subconscious – the adult entertainers have started to make money from it. An industry notorious for featuring women at the younger end of the scale is now producing a whole slew of MILF titles, such as It’s a Mommy Thing; I Scored a Soccer Mom 2; and You’ve Got a Mother Thing Coming.

So proof – if proof were ever needed – that you can be a mum and be sexy.

(Image: from from1993’s Flickr stream)

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