Mummy, am I adopted?

Imagine explaining this one down the pub. Your adorable twin sons look nothing alike because you actually got pregnant twice by two different men, at the same time.

Well that's exactly what happened to Mia Washington, a Dallas woman who took twin sons Jordan and Justin for a paternity test after becoming suspicious about their lack of similarity. Paternity tests revealed that the twins had indeed been fertilised by sperm from two different men, and Mia was forced to come clean to her partner (and father to one of the twins) that she had been doing the dirty.

According to boffins, double pregnancies aren't as rare as people may think. In fact a boozy one night stand on Friday night, followed by more of the same on Saturday with the hubby could easily be flirting with heteropaternal superfecundation (as they call it in the biz.)

"Sperm can survive up to five days inside a woman's body, so a woman could sleep with different men several days apart, and get pregnant not once, but twice."

Still, what are the chances?

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