Mr and Mrs Sarkozy's liasons dangereuse

Rumours are sweeping the globe like a virulent case of swine flu, that the Sarkozys are both indulging in a spot of extra marital hanky panky. Carla with a musician and Sarko with his ecology minister. It comes as no surprise that Carla has finally woken up to the fact that she has married a man who wears shoe lifts, panicked, and grabbed the first Gallic hunk outside the Elysee Palace. Monsieur Sarkozy, is however a different story. He's punching well about his weight - and height.

Toby Young pours scorn on the double affairs in the The Telegraph: 'It seems like a clever bit of spin control, a damage-limitation exercise dreamt up the French president’s PR man...In the eyes of the French electorate, Sarkozy the Swordsman cuts a more appealing figure than Sarkozy the Cuckold. Poor Ms Jouanno has been ordered to take a bullet for him.'

True or not, we'd love to be a fly on the wall at the next Cabinet meeting...

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