Moving on

Since breaking up from husband Jordan Bratman a month ago, singer Christina Aguilera’s life has been a whirlwind of rumours and - quite frankly - sauce.

Do you remember that guy she hid in the back of her car as she hurriedly left a Halloween party? Or the threesome with lesbian conquistadora Sam Ronson?

Scandalous stuff. But, after briefly but effectively sowing her oats, it seems the 29-year-old has decided to settle down with a new man. His name? Please step forward, Mr Matthew … Rutler.

The couple were photographed hand in hand as they left their LA hotel before the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Christina met Matt, an assistant, on the set of her latest film Burlesque, in which she disrobes herself voluntarily more than once.

Earlier this month, Christina and Matt had a double date with Chrissie’s bezzie mate Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden.

A source said: 'She met Matthew on set and, during a difficult time, leaned on him as a friend. After she and Jordan separated, the friendship turned romantic.’

Well isn’t that just grand.

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