Motion-capture suit to spice up Second Life sex

It seems that virtual sex is just not cutting the mustard for Second Lifers, but that looks set to change thanks to Strokerz Toyz who are developing an affordable wireless motion-capture suit scheduled for release in 2009.

Strokerz Toyz is the company that provides Second Lifers with the possibility to buy genitalia for their avatars as well as the producer of the infamous Sex Bed which always people to virtually get it on.

Right now Second Life offers a limited stock set of sex animations, but personal motion-capture suits will allow users to create their own personalized movements. While home motion-capture suits usually cost somewhere in the region of half a million US dollars, Strokerz Toyz's suit will cost a paltry $10,000.

But if you're looking to get your jollies and you don't have that kind of money lying around, you can always resort to the economic alternative of necking six cans for a fiver and then trying your luck in the real world.

Strokerz Toyz motion-capture suit

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