Pimp my bride

It puts a new spin on the idea of the pushy mother, chaperoning her daughter on all her dates to vet all and any prospective suitors (check out most Mediterranean countries, maybe?) This mother from Beijing has taken matters into her own hands and decided that she would advertise on websites for a son-in-law-to-be.

However, the video in question of her daughter,(the pitiable) Gan Lulu, features her in the shower, no doubt preparing for a day of freedom outside of the flat she seems to share with her mother. And so, the wrong kind of attention has been brought to the video - mostly from men who have very little intention of marrying the girl before they'd want to sleep with her, the Huffington Post reveals.

'About 1.5 million people have already viewed the video on five popular dating sites. In the video, which first appeared on a site called Ku6, the daughter is seen showering as the mother desperately proclaims, 'Oh, see how old you are and still want me to help you wash your back? I am trying to help you find a prospective marriage partner. What kind of qualifications you want -- speak them out!'

Possible qualification number One: skills in the field of matricide.

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