Morning-after pill causes (non-stomach) upset

The Constitution of America. It is a strange and wondrous beast that protects freedom of speech, helps to ensure that America remains a melting-pot of diverse cultures but does it mention anything specifically about unwanted teen pregnancies? We thought not, so it might just be the law in America itself that might be causing a bit of a problem with young, soon-to-be expectant fathers.

Jezebel tells us that at a particular pharmacy chain in America called Walgreens, a 17 year old guy - no doubt happy at the events of the previous night but also more than a little worried about his possible future - tried to buy the morning-after pill for his girlfriend and was denied, an action that could have potentially made him a father!

'Adam Drake was turned away at a Houston store by a pharmacist whose manager backed her up. The manager claimed, erroneously, that the woman who was going to take the emergency contraception had to present in order to ensure she was over 17.' The manager also claimed that there were reports of men dropping the pill into women's drinks!

It's one thing to be faced with the self-righteous indignation at the chemists and another to be suspected of spiking womens' drinks with contraceptives. Maybe not such a great start to the day after 'getting some'.

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