Morning glory

We're not sure it was inappropriate or just cringeworthy. Of course the third option is that the This Morning 'sexual positions' feature (which is currently causing 'moral outrage'), was a little bit fuddy-duddy. The models who demonstrated the sex poses wore stripey pyjamas that would have done grandpa proud. Holly Willoughby tittered like a schoolgirl and Phillip Schofield did his best impression of a stony-faced year 9 PSE teacher. Come on Phil, you're not fooling anyone....

The Sex Up Your Life week on This Morning kicked off yesterday with a woman complaining of never having achieved the illusive O. Models then showed how to have sex when one person is tired (erm, don't) or, more amusingly when one partner is excessively tall and the other short. Sophie and Jamie, we hope you were watching....

A delighted Phil boasted on his Twitter: 'I am loving the 'outrage' at This Morning's sex week. It was all perfectly decent and you got two warnings.' We can't help wishing Fern was still around for this one.

Check out Holly giggling about sex toys.

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