More post for your box, Missus?

From slapping on a stamp to getting a light slap on the bum, Sheila Newcombe's new career couldn't be more different from her previous one, albeit in both cases, she was definitely serving the public. The Sun Online reveals how one ex-postal worker is now making a living as a village escort.

Sheila, 54, used to work at an old post office in a quiet English hamlet (where exactly, we aren't sure) before it was closed and she decided to turn to the oldest profession in the book.

Sheila, a mum of one, has her own website, which boasts 'an experience which can be quiet and relaxing or wild and adventurous.' The vivacious seductress goes on to describe what she enjoys from an 'appointment': 'I like to touch and lick all over and an occasional light slap on the bum doesn't go amiss.' Just special.

Now, Sheila can hold her head up high and embrace the village gossip that she has been up to dodgy doings for sometime. Although 'first-class' doings would be stretching it a bit: one critic wrote on her website that his visit wasn't quite up to standard: 'Unfortunately Emily is showing her age. Not a special experience at all'. Ouch!

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