'More Long Island Iced Tea, stripper?'

She's at it again. No, we don't mean Katie Price and yet another pop at ex-hubby Peter Andre, or at current hen-pecked hottie Alex Reid: this is a case of an older woman behaving badly. Enter Denish Welch, whose reputation as an opinionated presenter on day-time show 'Loose Women' and secret booze-hound at night seems to be catching up with her.

Having been sampling the finest bubbly with pal Liz McClarnon at a Mayfair watering hole, Denise ended up in swanky dive bar Mahiki, where she was seen enjoying a bit of a boogie with Lotan Carter, 21, stud muffin and stripper cousin of Pineapple Dance Studio flamer Louie Spence, the Sun Online reveals.

In April, Denise 'declared she'd gained control of her drinking after being snapped stumbling over and snogging different men and women on numerous boozy nights out.' Having been helped towards a nearby taxi by Lotan, Denise then decided to perform a number of bizarre poses for the appreciation of the nearby photographers. Seems this loose woman isn't ready to hang up her dancing shoes yet.

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