More bang for your buck

UK men chose sexy knickers over pricey roses and short-lived champagne this Valentine's Day as they seek more ‘bang for their buck’ in tough financial times.

‘Lingerie is for love on a budget. It really is the gift that keeps giving,’ said Sharon Webb of Debenhams, which is seeing a mad rush for saucy knickers romantically priced at 4.50 pounds.

They may come from the ground, but a dozen red roses can cost a shed load on Valentine’s Day - up to 100 pounds including delivery. Some men find pushing the boat out on lingerie better value in the long run (plus, it’s as much a gift to self as to a loved one).

Debenhams, not an automatic choice for racy underwear shopping, said the demand for silk and lace efforts was high.

‘They're less expensive, last longer and provide hours of fun long after the rose petals have wilted,’ a company spokesperson said.

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