Mom I’d like to…

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly ten years of the MILF or Mom I’d Like to F***. Not that hot mums have only been around for ten years, but ten years since the phrase was first coined.

All the way back in 1999, we entered the world of American Pie, where the term was first used to describe Stifler’s delightful mom, who took the virginity of one of her son’s friends on prom night. Who would’ve thought that such a puerile, yet rather funny film would have led us into this mother-loving renaissance?

So who else meets joins Stifler’s mum in today’s top milfs? Well, Angelina Jolie has to be in there – if only for sheer quantity of children – never mind her constant pout and wild child past.

But let’s not forget, all the way back when Angelina was just a twinkle in her parent’s eyes, the 1967 film The Graduate. Anne Bancroft was the first to put milfs on the radar. Playing the sex-crazed cougar Mrs Robinson, she seduced the young Dustin Hoffman – creating the moniker “Mrs Robinson” used a long time before American Pie hit our screens.

And then last but most certainly not least we have Demi Moore. The ultimate milf - not only is she still piping hot, but her husband is young enough to be her son. Now that’s what we like to see – keeping the fantasy alive.

So mofos…who’s your favourite?

(Image: from YouTube)

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