Modern bathroom graffitti

As far as pulling a practical joke goes, there are worse things that could happen, like tying a paper notice to the back of someone's jacket or swapping the salt and sugar pots around in their kitchen. In fact, those April Fool's type stunts could be the source of some light-hearted entertainment for children and teenagers, rather than the cause of a never-ending stream of sexual advances from unknown guys invading your mobile phone.

It's exactly this scenario that the nemesis of one poor US man had in mind when he posted his 'victim's' number on the American website Craigslist, a public notice website now more commonly used by politicians and Joe Public to hook up with other people.

Giving his account to the police, the man from the Tinley Park area of the States described how for most of the day, his phone had been receiving explicit messages and photos from gay guys responding to an ad with his phone number on it, TinleyPark Patch tells us.

''(He) said that all of the pictures were of naked men and the texts and phone calls were from men,' the report said.'

'One mysterious caller said he was responding to the victim's Craigslist advertisement, but the victim said he didn't post an ad. He received a link to the posting and when he clicked on it, he realized that it included his cell phone number.'

We want to make a joke by saying something similar to the fact that this guy got 'punked' but there are some things that should suggested but left unsaid.

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