Model's gay mercy killing

Literally, a twisted ordeal: a Portuguese gay activist and former journalist Carlos Castro is reported to have been castrated and killed by a male model and friend Renato Seabra, using a corkscrew, in order to save Carlos from his homosexual 'demons', Jezebel informs us.

Despite Castro, 65, and Seabra, 20, having been in New York for new year together, dining out and seeing Broadway shows in a manner similar to any couple, Seabra went on to attack Castro and leave him in the hotel room they were using. Despite the nature of the murder, Seabra denies that the two were ever together.

'[Seabra's] mom says, 'My son was not Carlos Castro's lover. From the beginning, he never hid his sexuality, which is heterosexual.' She maintains that Seabra is innocent: 'My son, being a golden boy, who is so good, he didn't do this.' Seabra is currently in custody at Bellevue Hospital, after a possible suicide attempt. It's not clear whether he's mentally ill, or whether any discrimination he may have felt over his or Castro's sexuality pushed him over the edge.'

Police speculate that although Seabra's motives may have been to relieve Castro of his difficulties he was having over his sexuality, he may have reacted badly when Castro refused to take him on an expensive shopping trip in the Big Apple.

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