Model runs for Government (insert joke)

As much as it would liven up debates in the House of Commons, we don't think Britain will ever see the likes of Gisele Bundchen or Heidi Klum make speeches about the minimum wage. For Romania, however, one model's aspirations for Government which could see an entire new political party formed, just for beautiful people only. No more Ann Widdecombe hogging the limelight!

Sanziana Buruiana, 23, has already set her sights on creating a tax for overweight people, which would be enforced by charging 10 euros per 'excess' kilo, the Metro Online reports. People would also be banned from making dumb blonde jokes, in a would-be ruling that would prevent peroxide-rinsed Essex girls everywhere from being the subject of the usual jokes.

Family and fidelity are also important to Saziana; she recommends imposing a 100 euro fine on all adulterers and just to improve the money Romania makes through its tourism industry, all tourist guides would be models in bikinis. Something tells us she'd have no problems getting the single male vote.

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