Model faces jail for 'riding Peruvian flag' naked

Listen up. If you’re a hot model/dancer/pin up style lady and you want to take part in celebrations of your country's independence, then don’t get all naked and do anything silly in a photo shoot for a national magazine that might offend the authorities. Because that’s exactly what Leysi Suarez from Peru has gone and done -and it didn't go down well.

Suarez is looking down the barrel of four years in the slammer for stripping down to the buff and straddling her national flag - which had been fashioned into a saddle on a horse. Peruvian patriots are up in arms about the fact she’s literally ridden the country and are demanding she is punished.

Suarez, whose day job is dancing in a pop band has landed herself right in the brown stuff (it would be the equivalent of one of Girls Aloud doing something nasty with the Union Jack.) The well meaning model reckons she was being 'patriotic' in the photos, but defence minister Antero Flores is unimpressed. “These are patriotic symbols that demand total respect, and using them improperly requires punishment. This is an offence" he says.

So girls, take that as a lesson in life. If you’ve got a bare undercarriage, be careful what you sit on, ok?

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