Model behaviour

It’s only been a few days since Kate Moss’s epic 34th birthday and already an ‘insider’ has sold their story. Allegedly.

Kate is allegedly livid and is allegedly (you get the picture) suing the News of the World for revelations about her celebrations which spanned two days.

It seems Kate, though, is the only one who is shocked by the allegations. We just thought, you know, Kate had a few drinks and got a bit frisky. No worse than most have done after a few too many G&Ts. And judging by the massive £37,000 bar bill, the party was quite liquid.

So Kate we say. Hey don’t worry!  Save yourself the legal bills and throw another wild party. One thing we do recommend is watching out for those ‘insiders’ and getting rid of a few of those hangers-on…

(Image: from YouTube)

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