Mmmm, just like mummy used to make

Using your own breast milk to make cakes and lasagne for your family may be seen as a taboo by just about everyone else, but it isn't for one enterprising British lady. According to The Sun, 30 year old Abi Blake breast feeds her 8 month old daughter Tilly, but once her tot is all full up out comes the breast pump so she can cipher off some for herself.

she said of her unorthodox culinary skills: ‘why would you prefer to drink milk from a dirty cow over a clean, healthy woman? I have managed to convert all my family who now adore my breast milk recipes and they all agree it tastes better.’

The homemade treats have gone down so well with all the family, including husband Jonathan that she has turned to selling them at local village festivals: ‘Many customers were intrigued and thought it was a novelty. But what most people don't know is that breast milk contains nutrients that can help the immune system and even treat cancer’ she bragged.

Abi Blake is from Bristol - we wonder if that’s where the phrase lovely pair of Bristols come from?

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