Miss, what's masturbation?

Unless you're a really hard hearted old codger, you'll feel nothing but sorry for the Californian teacher who mistakenly showed her primary school class a clip of her in a sex tape. (After a good chuckle of course.) The mix up happened when Crystal Defanti made her 10 year old kids a video of classroom memories, featuring school trips and other highlights from the term. Unfortunately for Defanti there was one highlight that she forgot to cut out - her giving herself a ham shandy.

When the unsuspecting teacher realised her terrible mistake she called the parents of the children she had distributed the homemade skin flick to and begged them not to let them watch it. At least one father of the children had already taken a quick look though and kindly described the blunder, as "a horrible mix up," also telling how he was forced to talk to his son about the birds and the bees long before he should have. (Although as one YouTuber points out, they've probably seen worse on the internet.)

Staff members and other parents are also said to have leapt to the calamatous teacher's defence saying that she was a good teacher who had made an "honest but embarrassing mistake". Despite her blunder, Defanti will be allowed to keep her job. Coffee break in the staffroom is unlikely to ever be the same again.

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