Mini wrestlers, big hookers

Prostitutes, midgets, wrestling and thievery. Can you guess what happens next? Well in what could be the most bizarre headline of the year, nay ever, two professional Mexican midget wrestlers have been bumped off after a night of frolicks (and no fun) with a couple of fake hookers.

Twins, Espectrito J and La Parkita were two of Mexico's best loved wrestling midgets, who police suspect fell foul of a female gang that drugs their male victims before stealing their wares. In the case of the unfortunate twins however it's thought that the towering females may have forgotten to lower the dose, killing the midgets outright rather than simply sending them away with the fairies.

The sport of midget wrestling is still hugely popular in Mexico (as it once was in the rest of the world; you weren't a fan....?) and the nation is said to have gone into mourning over the tragic death of two of its favourite miniature stars. And if that doesn't go to the top of the sexploit leaderboard chart right now, we don't know what will...

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