Mini Me sex tape : teeny Austin Powers star gets jiggy

Although our favourite dwarf for a time was the grumpy one in The Station Agent, Mini Me is about to knock him off his perch.

A sex tape of the titchy Austin Powers lothario landed on Kevin Blatt's desk this week (the sex tape broker responsible for Paris Hilton's internet debut) and as such, Blatt is casting about for interested punters. Current asking price for the Mini Me sex tape? £100,000!

The sex tape features Mini Me and his ex live in girlfriend performing the legend of the two backed beast. She is of average height, he, teeny weeny - the camera has to work to keep them both in focus. TMZ has got hold of a 25 second clip, so if you've ever wondered what Mini Me might look like in the throws of it....wonder no more! Click here for Mini Me sex tape

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