Miley Cirus in bar room clinch

It seems youngsters these days are growing up quicker than ever.

Just last night the former Disney star Miley Cirus, who is 18 today, was caught on camera sprawled over a bar of the Hollywood club Trousdale at 2am, with her boyfriend manoeuvring on top of her, kissing and biting her neck.

The young stud in question is 18-year-old Canadian actor Avan Jogia, who has starred in a series of Nickelodeon shows and is now trying to get into movies.

Miley was at the club for a post American Music Awards/pre 18th birthday bash and stayed there until around 3am.

Miley is fresh from her split with Last Song co-star, Liam Hemsworth, who she dated for around a year. The popstrel seems to be lately causing controversy and turning heads wherever she goes.

Earlier this month she was snapped sipping beer in a Madrid nightclub, while the video of new song Who Owns My Heart had conservatives up in arms with its scenes of her gyrating and caressing her chest.

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