Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake sex scene ’all laughter’

You could forgive Mila Kunis for getting the jitters when faced with the might of the famous trousersnake of Justin Timberlake.

But the actress has credited the 29-year-old pop superstar with dispelling her nerves by cracking jokes during the filming of the sex scenes when they were in bed together.

The pair appear together in new movie Friends With Benefits, with the storyline requiring the pair to film numerous saucy scenes together.

Kunis admits she was nervous about taking her kit off in front of Timberlake, but the singer, more experienced in these situations, put her at ease by making her laugh.

She tells E! Online, ‘Wait till you see the gag reel. It was all laughter. He's very funny.

‘I think he knew I was going to be a little uncomfortable because he would be seeing all my bits and pieces so his way of making me comfortable was just to make me laugh... It was just very goofy.’

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