An irresistable offer

Compliments can be hard to come by: a new haircut goes un-noticed, dropping 10 pounds is greeted with a nod and everyone assumes that tan you're sporting came from a bottle of San Tropez's finest. Are women becoming more hardened towards our society's growing indifference or are they waiting for the ultimate compliment?

Which might not be a wedding proposal, down on bended knee but the offer to appear in an adult film for the princely sum of $5 million! This was exactly the proposal recently put forward to Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa by the manager of one of the UK's leading adult industry companies, Vivid, who believed that her sexy sauntering down the aisle at her sister's royal wedding was the main attraction of the day. TMZ has more:

'Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch sent Pippa the letter, saying he thought she was the star of the Royal Wedding and that her 'beauty and attitude' would make her a huge adult star. The fact she had some semi-racy photos surface this week probably didn't hurt either.'

It also transpires that James Middleton, he of questionable sexuality according to most online search engine algorthms, has also been offered a large amount to appear in a film. Whether that would be with an all male cast or not remains to be seen.

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