Metro sex

Never mind Wikileaks or the student protests, footage of a couple getting carried away in a tube train carriage is sweeping the internet.

The blue movie, filmed on the U-Bahn underground railway in Vienna, Austria, features a lust pair rutting like animals on the seats, while commuters crowd around them, jostling for position with their mobile phones outstretched to film the sex action.

A shocked bystander said: ‘The only time the boy seems aware that people are watching him is when he lifts the hood of his sweatshirt up over his head. The rest of the time they didn't care and didn't take any notice of anyone else.’

The footage has been viewed by hundreds of thousands on Youtube and other video sharing sites so far. But train operators Wiener Linien shrugged off the publicity, saying:

‘Well, no one has complained. This seems to be the first time this has happened and been filmed on one of our trains.’

Sounds like a good track record to us.

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