Admission permission

We think us Brits might have been spared a small mercy: that of the U.S. perception of 'date night', an evening where couples receive discounts for attending museums, galleries and other places of interest together. Sure, we have one evening a week where two for one cinema tickets can be used but we don't think cinema's would need verification of the two film-addicts marital status. Unlike the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

It was at this site that two men, attempting to seek entry into the building, with its visual interpretations of the Bible - such as the creation of the world in six days, were turned away, WLKY.com tells us. A case of 'Adam and Eve' not 'Adam and Steve?'

'Both museum officials and the men agree that they weren't let in and their ticket costs were not refunded. They differ on whether it was clear beforehand that men without female companions would be turned away.'

Although why the museum didn't take the time out to prove the men were a couple is beyond us - they could have been in an open relationship, perhaps.

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