Mel C eats biscuits for her boobs

You know what they say: “Eat biscuits, get a bigger bust”.

Sporty Spice Mel C is reportedly putting the old proverb to the test by snacking on special Japanese “F-Cup cookies” to boost her assets ahead of the girls’ reunion tour.

It’s claimed the biscuits contain 68.7 calories, providing trans-fats that “go straight to the breast area”, and – of course – a mystical-sounding breast-enhancing herb called Pueraria Mirifica. Makers say that women who eat two cookies a day can see their boobs go up a cup size.

Mel is very, ah, up front about the whole thing.  She told Radio 1: "I'll be a guinea-pig for them, can you imagine if my boobs got bigger suddenly? That'd be so great!"

From flapjacks to a nice pair of Boasters. Cue men up and down the country forcing Hobnobs on to their poor girlfriends…

(Image: from Kevin Lawver’s Flickr stream)

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