Meet the real Sex in the City Samantha

Dressed in designer gear, tossing back Cosmopolitans and bedding a different guy every night: it's not hard to see why the character of Samantha Jones in the smash-hit soap 'Sex and the City' appeals to most young women who are keen to make their mark in the world. However, one girl studying at Bristol University decided to really experience what it must be like for the confident bed-hopping PR executive by sleeping with 1000 men by 2010.

Middle-class, polo-playing Christina Saunders set her sights on the figure when she was sick in bed and had nothing else to do but watch old SitC episodes. Inspired by the confidence the on-screen character conveys, she started the challenge in 2000 and by the time she 'left uni with a 2:2 degree in English and sociology in 2003 she'd slept with nearly 300 men,' the News of the World reveals.

Christina copied her on-screen idol by also taking part in a lesbian romp at a swinger's club on the way to reaching her goal and gave each man a mark out of ten for their 'efforts.' Having reached her target by bedding a bloke at a party last week, she hopes she hasn't 'put men off'. Any 'himbo's out there need some competition?

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