Meet the 101-year-old pinup

A centurion grandma from Grantham, Nottinghamshire, has stripped for a charity calendar. Nora Hardwick, aka Miss November, posed behind the bar at Ancaster's Ermine Way pub. She joined mums, partners and wives of coaches of the local footie team Ancaster Athletic, as well as local businesswomen and a lollipop lady, who also posed for the calendar. 

Nora says: ‘I think the picture came out very good. The lady who organised it thought it would be nice for the oldest lady in the village to be in it.’

Yes. The calendar is expected to make around £1000 pounds for the local football club, after the success of its naked male calendar last year.

So this is what granny gets up to when she not at bingo? A bit of nude modelling. Who would’ve thought, eh?

(Image: from PJZ's flickr stream)

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