Mayhole not Maypole

Although most English traditions may not present the British people as a hardy, fearsome race - we're thinking rolling cheese down hills and dressing up as ghosts for Halloween - we're certain that these customs from our past help maintain our sense of identity in the face of a culturally-fluctuating growing global community. That and we just like the opportunity to go a little bit crazy (we blame cider and mulled wine for the above 'offences.')

But in Sweden, the tradition of Maypole dancing - which when enacted on Midsummer's Day, represents a celebration of fertility and an embracing of natural, albeit pagan forces - could be updated to represent not just male sexuality (in the form of the maypole) but also female sexual energy (through dancing around a 'mayhole'), The Local reveals.

The idea is that of one self-identified 'gender-queer' Alexander Alvina Chamberland, who has co-created the group 'Midsommarfitta' and raised awareness through Facebook of the supposedly inherent male-chauvinism connected to the idea of the Maypole dance:

'In the future I want coming generations to say on their trips abroad that ‘In Sweden we celebrate midsummer by dancing around a vagina’, he says.

'Rather than erecting a maypole, he and other members in the group want Swedes to spend time fashioning 'mayholes' by digging a hole in the ground or arranging tree branches in the shape of a vagina.'

Reactions have been mixed with most claiming the hole that the pole is driven into represents the vagina and as such, the custom denotes both genders working together to ensure fertility.

A hole lotta fuss over nothing?

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