Restless leg, restless hand

Masturbation is said to cure many evils: endless amounts of time on your hands (literally) when you're a student at university or sitting at home watching daytime television; loneliness, when your e-friends just don't seem real enough for your real needs and of course perfect vision, having been said to cause blindness. Right... Ok so scientifically, the case is still out on what benefits spanking the monkey can bring but at least it helps Restless Leg Syndrome sufferers, Discover Magazine reveals.

Apparently Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS is a neurological disorder, activated by some gene anomaly that causes severe pain, burning sensations and general neverending discomfort and pain. By having a 'one man tug-of war', Luis Marin at the Federal University of Sao Paolo found that sufferers of RLS release dopamine in their brain which enables smoother control of muscular movement:

'Granted, Marin only found that the man’s legs calmed down after masturbation: The dopamine-mediated chain of events between masturbation and relief are (educated) speculations. He thinks that nature’s largest blast of dopamine acts in the same way as the dopamine drugs, and he points to a past study to make his case. In the previous study, scientists looked at brain scans of ejaculating men, discovering that the release of dopamine was so intense that orgasms actually have a similar effect on our brains as heroin.'

WOW. The next time you're criticised for spending too much time in the bathroom, you can just plead a lack of control. Let's face it, you're a junkie and you know it.

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