Masturbate-a-thon Copenhagen

After the success of the London and San Francisco masturbate-a-thons, the Danish capital, Copenhagen is now to have its own. And if those rumours about the saucy Scandinavians are true, then this should be the best yet!

Organiser Pia Struck Madsen, a sexologist, is encouraging all people from all different backgrounds to indulge in a spot of self-loving. Pia says “masturbation is positive, safe and an erotic alternative," and the special event promises “pleasure, relaxation and sexual self-discovery.” Not to mention it’s all for charity!

Proceeds will go to AIDS and sexual awareness charities and participants can be sponsored on how much time they spend going at it or how many orgasms they achieve. The venue will have separate rooms for men and women and also a mixed room for those who don’t mind who’s there. There are also cubicles on offer for the extra shy participant. 

So if you fancy flying over for a fumble in Copenhagen, book your tickets for 31 May 31! But if you’d rather spill your seed on more familiar soil, we’re sure there’ll be another one here in England. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer…

(Image: from .Tatiana.’s flickr stream)

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