Marilyn Monroe sex tape surfaces

One of the absolute pre-requisites of modern celebrity is to appear in a sex tape. And looks like Marilyn Monroe had her finger on the sleb pulse way back when we can't remember the moving image even existing!

The only existing copy of a Marilyn Monroe sex tape has been bought for 1.5 million dollars by an unamed New York businessman. The big hearted benefactor forked out for the flick in a bid to preserve the sex kitten's good name by keeping the naughty camera action out of the public domain.

The 15 minute black and white silent shows Marilyn n*b gobbling a mystery man - who never moves into focus but keeps Marliyn's lug on camera throughout. Marilyn gets on with the job in hand but never once looks at the camera.

The jungle vine's smoking hot with accusations of the mystery man being either JFK, or brother, Robert Kennedy but so far the FBI have proved zilch. And since the American fuzz are the ones sitting on the original of the sex tape and must have watched it more times than we care to even imagine - they'd probably know....

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