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  • Viva Espagna!

    Viva Espagna!

    Spanish airline goes bust, Spanish air hostesses strip to the nip to earn back their wages

  • World’s biggest man boobs

    World’s biggest man boobs

    Thought your moobs were a tad embarrassing - then check out this big boobed beauty

  • Sex-indoors-phobia


    Woman freaks out if she has sex indoors, says it ‘feels like someone is choking her’ - don’t some people like that?

  • The 15th hole

    The 15th hole

    It was a crude metaphor but someone was bound to make it. Yes, Tiger's scored again

  • Religious Bigots

    Religious Bigots

    A Christian couple have refused a gay couple from their B&B, like a pair of yokels

  • How embarrassing!

    How embarrassing!

    Transexual brothel, fire, man, naked, balcony, photo – all you need to know

  • Sex-ercise?


    A new iPhone app counts calories whilst humping

  • Sex-ercise?


    There’s a new iPhone app that counts calories burnt whilst humping

  • Morning glory

    Morning glory

    This Morning 'Sex Up Your Life' week sparks moral outrage amongst day time telly viewers, even if it was all a bit tame

  • Not on the A-Gender

    Not on the A-Gender

    There's a world’s first genderless person and guess what, he or she is British

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