A man ‘dressed like a mannequin’ has been caught spying in the ladies toilets of a shopping centre in Bimingham.

Student Joel Hardman sneaked in the ladies’ loos at Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping mall wearing a mask and wig. After a shopper spotted him entering, the police were informed. He later came out of a locked cubicle, admitting to the police that he’d relieved himself in more ways than one while in there.

On closer inspection it was found that his phone contained three images of women's feet taken beneath the doors of cubicles as well as an audio recording of a flushing toilet.

Hardman, 22, admitted in court that he was guilty of watching someone do a a private act for his own sexual gratification. The prosecutor said that Hardman had told a Bullring security guard: ‘Yes, I've been a bit weird.’

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