Don't be a drag, just be a queen

Gender roles aren't what they were. Women stepped out of their fifties kitchens, took up jobs and become bread-winners, men started to groom themselves, sport longer hair and take a keen interest in major fashion labels, and drag queens...well they continue to look unmistakably butch close-up. Well, at least to the trained eye.

Which is something that one poor man doesn't have, and which could have saved him the embarassment of picking a fight in his local in Naples, Florida, after he turned angry when he found out the ladies he was buying drinks for and romancing weren't ladies at all, Asylum tells us.

'Poor Josue [Hernandez] was under the mistaken impression that the group of lovely ladies in his local bar were, well, lovely ladies, and he proceeded to buy them drinks and chat them up.'

'Alas, it seems he had no idea of what was really going on, and when he found out, well, he really flew of the handle, smashing liquor bottles and starting fights with everyone in the bar – including the men in drag.'

'No idea of what was going on'? Hmm...maybe the curse of a bad Valentine's Day!

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